Meet JoJo   JoJo

JoJo Has NEVER Had Short Hair Before

If you love watching a woman lose her long locks for the first time... and all the fear and nervousness that goes with it, you will LOVE this makeover! A couple times during the 2-hour makeover, we thought she was going to faint from hyper-ventilating!

First we cut some nice short bangs.. a TERRIFIC look for her... then we undercut her long hair... also creating some great modeling shots with her long pony, short bangs and undercut. Finally we move to an angled bob, square box bob, an extreme bob, boy cut and end with a final undercut pixie.

If you like our style of makeovers in stages, you will love this one!

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About Our Makeovers
We make our videos for the TRUE hair and makeover enthusiast. Rather than rush and remove hair in one stage or give you a quick salon cut experience, we like to relish the experience and allow you to enjoy the models reactions from start to finish (usually 2-3 hours in length) Sure, there are plenty of free videos on the internet typically only 3-10 minutes in length, but few that give you the FULL experience, in high definition, like you were there in the room as we take these Short Hair Girls in several stages to their final cut and the big reveal (there are no mirrors for them to see as they go). All of our makeovers also come with hundreds of still images to capture the makeovers at different stages, so you have many hours of enjoyment from each one.