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Samantha has had very long hair most her life and has never gone short before! She contacted us on a whim, and was game for an ultra short pixie cut! We take Samantha though several steps, starting with some nice short bangs, an undercut, then various bobs and bowls until we get her to her final sexy short pixie.


Andrea has never had short hair, so she picked a very safe asymmetrical pixie. No way would she have agreed upfront that any clippers be used in her cut. But watch as she grows more and more comfortable with her new short hair, and asks to go shorter after the first reveal!


Ray wants a trendy new versatile style, and agrees to let us give her smooth bald undercut. Ray has had parts of her head buzzed before, but certainly not shaved! We give her a versatile edgy new bowl/bob hairstyle that she can wear several ways depending on her mood.


Michelle has VERY thick hair and wants to get rid of it! We slowly remove her tons of hair until we get her to her final sexy short boyish pixie. At one point, only half-way done cutting, her friend look at ll the hair on the floor and says, "it looks like a Poodle exploded!"


Malia gets a bald fade in her shortest cut ever! You will absolutely fall in love, as we did, with this Short Hair Girl! She is full of personality and looks SO HOT with her final looks.


Jasmine has experimented with hairstyles in the past and is ready to go back to an ultra-short buzzed pixie. Along the way we try out a short bob, a bowl cut, a pixie, then a shorter pixie. And what a great personality and some deep conversations and social commentary! Jasmine does some great modeling along the way as well!


Amira is one of, if not THE cutest Short Hair Girl we have had so far! Just watch the preview video to get an idea of just how ADORABLE she is. What a great personality comes thru during this 2-hour makeover. She goes from mid-back to a short pixie, with a short bob in between. Includes 200+ images for download. You will LOVE this SHG!


Alternative model Amanda brings her dreadlocks in for an edgy buzzed sidecut and then we break out the razor for a baby smooth undercut. She LOVES her new style and you will too! Almost 2 hours of HD video plus more than 200 stunning pictures to download!


Micki wants short hair! She goes for an ultra-short gamine style haircut that fits her perfectly! We do some cool boy styles along the way. Micki is fun and LOVES her new shorter-than-ever-before haircut! 2.5 hours of video and 150 images from the shoot


Tina wants a short flattop! So we take her through several stages, first some short short bangs, then a steep a-line with buzzed nape, then to a boyish bowl cut and finally to her ultra-short flattop! Tina looks awesome with her new military style hair cut! 3+ hours of video and 280 images from the shoot
Total: 36