To help you get the most out of the site, here are a few answers to Common Questions:

Why Are Your Videos SO LONG?
We make these videos for the hair enthusiast. Unlike most makeover videos online, which rush through the cut or edit out the model and her reactions, we deliberately extend the makeover in order to SAVOR every moment of these wonderful transformations. In addition, with most models, we rough-cut several styles along the way, creating several steps to each makeover. Lastly, we enjoy them so much, we don't want them to end!

The Videos Keep Pausing While Playing
These are high-definition videos so the file sizes are quite large. We HIGHLY recommend you only use a high-speed internet connection. Another thing you can do is once you launch the video player, wait 5-10 minutes before pressing the PLAY button. This will allow the video to render on your computer ahead of the playback. 

I'm Having Trouble Downloading the Videos.
These files are so large, due to the high-def quality, and take a very long time to download. Any interruption in internet bandwidth could interrupt the download, therefore we suggest not using a wireless connection to download. As long as your account is active with us, you can login and view these videos for as long as you like, as often as you like.

When will other videos be available?
Many additional makeovers have already been finished and are in process of picture and video editing. We don't have an exact timetable but plan to release new videos often.

I tried to login but now I'm locked out of my account.
To prevent illegally sharing the videos, our system detects any member trying to login from multiple IP addresses and will automatically restrict your account. If you feel you account was restricted in error, just contact us to explain.

I Want to Be a Short Haircut Girl!
If you have an interest in being one of out models, please contact us and we'll discuss the options to transform you from boring to beautiful!
Is it True You Also Have a Dating Site Exclusively for Short Hair Girls and their Fans?
Yes, and please visit the site if you have interest in finding, chattiing with and meeting Short Hair Girls.